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"Lost in time I can’t count the words
I said when I thought they went unheard
All of those harsh thoughts so unkind
’cos I wanted you
And now I sit here I’m all alone
Sun, 28 Nov 2010 01:10:42 +0100" http://www.spritz.it/blog/blog.asp?ID=1266789
<![CDATA[Coming back... ]]> http://www.spritz.it/blog/blog.asp?ID=1266786

"Is your secret safe tonight and are we out of sight
Will our world come tumbling down
Will they find our hiding place
Is this our last embrace
Or will the world stop caving in

It could be wrong
Could be]]>
Sun, 28 Nov 2010 00:34:52 +0100" http://www.spritz.it/blog/blog.asp?ID=1266786
<![CDATA[Del fregarsene di tutto e del non fregarsene di niente ]]> http://www.spritz.it/blog/blog.asp?ID=1174247 "Ci vuole stile per andare in manicomiyeah.
E non capisco perché e non capisco perché.
Bisogna farsi attraversare dalle cose yeah.
E non capisco perché e non capisco perché.

Se c’ho il fisico non ho lo stimolo.
Se c’ho lo stimolo non c’ho lo stomaco.
Tue, 06 Jan 2009 20:03:12 +0100" http://www.spritz.it/blog/blog.asp?ID=1174247
<![CDATA[Il mare verticale ]]> http://www.spritz.it/blog/blog.asp?ID=1154446 Come scavare a mani nude nella terra
Per sentire il sangue mescolarsi con la pioggia
Cauterizzare le ferite vivere per il solo senso che ha
Come nuotare in un oceano congelato
Per sentire il cuore che ti esplode dentro il petto
Vivere per immaginare per percepire i]]>
Sun, 02 Nov 2008 02:47:59 +0100" http://www.spritz.it/blog/blog.asp?ID=1154446
<![CDATA[Fake Plastic Trees ]]> http://www.spritz.it/blog/blog.asp?ID=1013937 for her fake chineserubberplant
in the fake plastic earth.
that she bought from a rubber man
in a town full of rubber PlanS
to get rid of itself,- it wears her out.

SHe lives with a broken man,
a cracked polystyreneman who just
Mon, 04 Feb 2008 14:17:21 +0100" http://www.spritz.it/blog/blog.asp?ID=1013937
<![CDATA[ ]]> http://www.spritz.it/blog/blog.asp?ID=1008195 ]]> Sat, 26 Jan 2008 08:52:37 +0100" http://www.spritz.it/blog/blog.asp?ID=1008195 <![CDATA[ ]]> http://www.spritz.it/blog/blog.asp?ID=1006236 ]]> Wed, 23 Jan 2008 12:27:23 +0100" http://www.spritz.it/blog/blog.asp?ID=1006236 <![CDATA[Come perdere 5 anni in 15 minuti... ]]> http://www.spritz.it/blog/blog.asp?ID=1002365

...anche se dovrei rifarmi la barba...
Thu, 17 Jan 2008 12:44:16 +0100" http://www.spritz.it/blog/blog.asp?ID=1002365
<![CDATA[Books From Boxes ]]> http://www.spritz.it/blog/blog.asp?ID=1001403 Night falls and towns become circuit boards
We can beat the sun as long as we keep moving
From the air, stadium lights stand out like flares
And all I know is that you’re sat here right next to me

We rarely see warning signs in the air we breathe
Right now I feel each an]]>
Wed, 16 Jan 2008 04:31:05 +0100" http://www.spritz.it/blog/blog.asp?ID=1001403