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Marky Ramone



In 1978, the RAMONES brought drummer Marc Bell on board as Marky Ramone. After recording two metal albums with the band Dust when he was only 16, Marky got into the punk scene in the early 70\'s. For a short while he played drums for Wayne County and the BackstreetBoys and then Richard Hell & the Voidoids. In 1978, after two years with the Voidoids, Marky left to find a new band.

At this time, Tommy Ramone (Ramones drummer from 1974-78) wanted to quit the band and pursue producing, which was his first love. Johnny and Dee Dee Ramone approached Marky to join The RAMONES in 1978. Marky then recorded ROAD TO RUIN with The RAMONES, and one year later he co-starred in ROCK\'N\'ROLL HIGHSCHOOL, a Roger Corman film starring The RAMONES. In 1980 he released END OF THE CENTURY produced by the legendary Phil Spector, followed by PLEASANT DREAMS and SUBTERRANEAN JUNGLE. In 1983, he left the band and was replaced by Richie Ramone. After leaving The RAMONES, he joined King Flux, and then m-80.

In 1987, Richie quit, and Marky showed up to re-join the ranks of the The RAMONES. In 1992, The RAMONES released MONDO BIZARRO which featured Anxiety, and The Job that Ate My Brain, written by Marky Ramone and Skinny Bones(who would later play in Marky\'s post-Ramones band, Marky Ramone & the Intruders). In 1995, The RAMONES released ADIOS AMIGOS, their final studio album, on which Marky wrote another song with Skinny Bones called Have a Nice Day. The RAMONES performed their final show on August, 6, 1996.

Two months later in Europe, Marky released an album for his band, Marky Ramone & the Intruders, which wasn\'t released in the US until seven months later. Meanwhile a second album has been released and Marky toured extensively in the States, Europe and South America.

Other Bands: Dust, Wayne County and the BackstreetBoys, The Voidoids, King Flux, m-80, Marky Ramone and the Intruders.

Since the beginning of the Eighties Nick has been playing on and off in several small punkbands. In 1987 he formed The MidnightMen, a sixties punkcombo which released the albums MONDO TEENO EXPERIENCE and MIDNIGHT CONFIDENTIAL. Later, labels such as Shakin\' Street (UK), SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY (USA) and Wipe Out (Greece) released various Midnight Men EP\'s over the years. The band split up in 1993.

It took until 1996 for Nick to form a new band. The BUCKWEEDS! released three CD\'s. COOL SONGS TO SHAG ON and DON\'T WORRY IT\'S ONLY PUNKROCK were released by Smokin\' Troll in the UK. The final album WHAT\'S WRONG WITH ATTITUDE came out in 2000 on Fandango Records (Washington DC).

After 4 European and one Japanese tour, the band called it quits. Marky Ramone played drums on the last European tour and that\'s how Nick and Mark got hooked up together.

For your sonic pleasure Dee was added as the second guitarist. He plays both rhythm and lead guitar and really adds the rockabilly and surf edge to our sound.

He has been into bands like forever and he was in a band that appears on some of those "Killed By Death" punkrock albums of hard to find stuff, The Definitivos who later became The Whydads. Currently he is also the frontman of the rock\'n\'roll combo The Grey Hound Dogs.


This guy has been a friend to Nick and Dee for a really long time. Dividing his energy between his own Sobermind Records and the awesome H8000 band LIAR, he is now joining the SpeedKings on bass. Expect no subtlety from Vito Jr. He goes for the kill, both in his performance as in everything else he does. This Star Wars geek will rock your ass ! Former member of Rise Above, Blindfold, Nations on Fire, Shortsight, Spirit Of Youth and other projects.
He has appeared on numerous recordings and tours all across Europe and will be involved in the European tour and the upcoming events...all hail to the goat and stay fuckin mean.

Stevey Jay, stand-in for the Belgian Asociality has joined the ranks on a crusade against good taste. Your Saturday nights will never be the same again.

Stevey is into production and is currently working on some side projects. He left the band November 16th.





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